Jul 1, 2015

Beauty body make-up

It is a stripe tray for dieting.
Present age when it infiltrates.
If it is not still a method of leading to beauty, it is not worth doing.
The point is a setting of the load.

The woman : to weight.
The value of a psychological load lowers more than a physical load.
In a word

Tiredness of which the continuing days of tiredness how many without being talked : in such a certain stripe tray.
A large amount of defense function stress hormones the body original are secreted.

The feature of this stress hormone : as it is secondary to plane the muscle.

Aging of skin
Decrease ..keeping up.. rough dry skin of moisture of [shime] function
It easily invites.

In woman’s body make-up
The load is an absolute requirement at time to have considered a psychological load.
Here, the load setting that improves the secretion of the beauty hormone oppositely is necessary.

Hormone that increases enriching hormone skin that urges renewal
The adjustment of the hormone balance in which an unnecessary swelling is not put out is a content that should be at least suppressed.

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