Jul 1, 2015

What is the body make-up?charmboby kenichisakuma

What is the body make-up?

Enjoying the fashion of favorite strength training that specializes in body make-up = fashion and beauty and polishing beauty
It is the one that you have the body in foundation.

To obtain your attractive body that you assume to be an ideal shortest and to enjoy shopping and meeting in addition.

The figure that becomes it divides in detail by individual.
Moreover, there might be a lot of women from whom the practical visualization does not boil.

For instance,
Model gravure model
To the overseas model figure
There is a muscle in which it specialized respectively.

【 model’s refined straight stick figure 】The position of the pelvis, the ankle, and the spine is vertical to ground without exception.
For this, the development of three muscles to which only the model develops does not lack it.
In the [bodei;meiku] mainly of here
The basal metabolic rate is increased and the body fat is removed thoroughly.
Moreover, in this vertical silhouette
A delicate silhouette not to feel the muscle by an unnecessary muscle’s the load’s to the muscle that hangs in daily life dynamically decreasing and being excluded is made.

【 [merihari] figure of gravure model 】The position of the position of the root of the leg seen from side and the shoulder is made from assumption the gap after enlarging.
This silhouette is necessary.
Putting in putting and the upper part of the hip in the upper part of the bust has been put out.
[Merihari] is drawn out by the body make-up in which it specializes according to the part, and bodyline that draws out the charm of the woman is made.

【 [kakkoii] of overseas model figure and sexy figure 】The size of the frame and it is necessary to consider the length of the bone.
Make the unbalance of extreme muscular power to change a fundamentally different size of the frame.
For instance,
The body make-up that extremely reduces the muscle of the depths of the hip is necessary for the root of the leg that overwhelmingly weakens the pushing force compared with the power that the arm pulls.

These : to one individual one.
If it is not a customizing method, it is not significant.

It becomes in [merihari] like an overseas model and it does not become [shitemo] [bouashi] though it became thin.
It is not possible to fail in the figure before the audition that it wants to thin only the calf only by another centimeter.
Results are with the confidence surely changed.
First of all, please feel free to consult.

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