Jul 1, 2015

model bodymake

The figure to which the model is refined
It is not a problem ..overweight and becomeing thin…
Everyone acts as a model if becomeing thin if it is so.

The model has three features that exist only in the model.

– The pelvis : straight (Stand vertically) to ground.

→The load to the leg does not rest upon by operation that stands dynamically where it walks and neither an unnecessary muscle nor fat place easily to the leg.
90% of the woman who worries reversely by the lower half of the body
The silhouette at which the pelvis inclines back and forth is done.
“Pelvis inclining forward”

The stomach to which calf muscles rise like the smelt goes out like the fur seal though the ankle of which the volume goes out to the hip by which the thigh becomes a harlot in daily life is thin. “Pelvis retroversion”

Meat adheres easily on the knee.
The hip is and there is no [merihari] on the ankle in [petanko] without the boundary with the thigh back.
The inclination before and behind the pelvis of which the abdomen always goes out : as being even if not eating.
The worry about the lower half of the body is not canceled even if becomeing thin by ten kilos.
The number of unnecessary muscles in the silhouette that remains after it becomes thin because the pelvis makes a straight silhouette for ground is decreased, and [bouashi] like the model is made.

– The angle of the ankle is made an acute angle.

→It is a calf that is said that it is difficult to become thin best in figures.
As the cause that the calf thickens, it is the following.

It thickens by both that attach the muscle that adheres fat and thickens and thicken.
It is possible to correspond comparatively easily in case of one by a simple dieting.
A lot of one that is
It is a case that has thickened by the muscle of 2 and 3.
In this case, even if the basal metabolic rate even is very increased or fat decreases, it is fat.

Thickening further if the exercise that moves the calf directly is done is easily imaginable.

Do to decrease calf muscles?
Character “Degenerate if it does not use it” feature of stripe physiology is used full.

However, it stands realistically, and the calf is used only by walking.
It might be a reason why this is said that the calf becomeing thin is difficult.

Neither the conclusion nor the calf are used.
It changes it into how to stand and the walking.

The barycentric position is moved to the heel, and the method such as decreasing the load of the calf by synchronization by the one’s future of the arm that does not kick ground is the best.

The calf becomeing thin becomes possible by doing without use not the level “..consideration.. -” but a constructional unconscious body it.

– The neck stands straight for ground.
Sloping shoulders that have broad shoulders.
Both are short the neck and the size of the seeing face is enlarged.
To make the impression of a small face
It is necessary to decrease the number of muscles around the shoulder unlimitedly.

The woman comes for the muscle around the shoulder to develop easily if she originally has the one that has narrow shoulders, and is a little heavy.
It can be said the reason why the worry said that it is possible to diet, a stripe tray was inadvertently done, and it became [mukimuki] does not discontinue.

A substantial small face and a delicate impression are made up with decreasing the load that rests upon the shoulder surroundings by adjusting the position of the neck and making the neck that expands abruptly.

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