Jul 1, 2015

Model Diet~model bodymake~

00 dieting
It becomes thin in aerobics.
Dieting that gets into the news on book and television”It does not understand which is on earth true. ”
I : before it takes a picture before before the audition of the model and the contest.
The dieting program has been offered.
In the professional world where only a certain result is requested, neither a groundless dieting nor the trendy dieting pass completely.

Essential tenet of dieting
【 thin = consumption calorie > intake calorie 】

Breakdown of consumption calorie during a day
Heat metabolizing (10%) by the basal metabolic rate amount (20%) + (70%) + meal of the activity metabolism Do you know the basal metabolic rate that accounts for 70%?
It is “Calorie used even if nothing is done. ”
This actually occupies the majority during a day.

The typical one of activity metabolism (20%) is the one called aerobics such as walking and running in opposite.
The activity metabolism is only 20% while the basal metabolic rate is 70%.
Even if it moves how long
The ratio of the calorie consumption of aerobics was such small.

Thinking : to first in dieting.
The basal metabolic rate that accounts for 70% is increased.

Do to increase the basal metabolic rate?
The breakdown of the basal metabolic rate

It might understand most so that increasing the number of muscles may decrease the body fat to increase the basal metabolic rate from muscular (40%) + liver and stomach and intestines (40%) (20%) besides ..+.. the above-mentioned.

However, in a vague stripe tray

A part not fat has thickened … The number of muscles has not increased by a stripe tray for sports … The result of saying that it is a rebound that does not become a figure that becomes it even if making an effort with great pains and the figure has collapsed is invited.

It is necessary and indispensable to becomeing thin and approaching to thin like the model refined to increase the number of muscles that develop only the model thoroughly.

The model’s being able to keep a preeminent style for years how many also
It is because the basal metabolic rate has increased firmly by this muscle.

Hormone that actively does fat combustion in stripe tray for body make-up in addition to it
The method of secreting the hormone that increases the number of muscles is used.
As a result,

Hormone measures to increase number of muscles to which only 1/20 of body men to whom fat always burns after stripe tray is secreted
It becomes when however can, and it finishes it up in the model body shortest.

When in addition, calorie is taken by meal
It was said that it ate only the vegetable if it made it to the constitution that consumed about 10% of the meal without permission.
It is not necessary to receive the state that the stress hangs.

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